Septic System Installation

Thinking of Building a new home? Or maybe you are having problems with the system for your older home? Either way, we can help! Installation and maintenance on complete on-site septic systems is one of our specialties.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide professional services, all our equipment has rubber tracks to minimize site disturbance and damage. We pride ourselves in keeping our equipment and job sites orderly and neat.


Why should you hire Dig-It Excavating to install your septic system?

We are your hassle free solution we strive to have a stellar repution both with the individual Health Departments and each and every customer. Our systems are built for easy maintenance, our system include risers for easy pumping access (and a visual reminder to pump your septic tank regularly) and our systems include effluent filters. the effluent filter is the last barrier which keeps solids from escaping out to the drain field, because of this the efluent filter is a great warning system that has kept countless septic systems from premature failure. Last but not least we like happy customers and we make sure that every customer is 100% satisfied with our work.

The Different Septic Systems We Install

• Complete Turnkey Septic Systems

• Replacement Septic Systems
• Septic Tanks
• Dosing Tanks
• Drywell Systems

• Aero-Tech, Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU's)
• Sand Mound Systems
• Drainbeds
• Field Systems
• Replacement sewer lines


Drainfield Restoration

Is your drainage part of your system failing but your system is not very old? We can asses your situation to determine if restoring your system is an alternative to completely replacing your drainfield.
During the restoration process we will also ad some components to your current system to help protect it from premature failure again.


Where We Do Septic System Installation

We Serving the following counties in Michigan:Kalamazoo County, Berrien County, Cass County, St. Joseph County and Van Buren County. In Indiana: Elkhart County. Each county has their own rules and regulations which are managed by their individual Health Departments- we work closely with that local Health Department to make sure that all our septic systems pass their own specific demands.


Where you go to get the paperwork to get started


Kalamazoo County

Berrien County

Cass County

St Joseph County

Van Buren County


Elkhart County


We are certified and Insured

State Certified MDEQ#14-23 Septage Waste Hauler


Call for service (269) 445-7777

Drainfield Restoration


Septic System Installation


Customer Comment:

I wanted to send this note to thank you for the service and note the great job done. It has been years since we have felt comfortable with our system and now knowing that the dog only comes in with wet paws after rain. The work you did was fantastic, coupled with the speed in which you completed the job, I was prepared for two days of disruption and it was done by 4:00 PM the same day. I was also impressed with how all the work that was done and when you finished only a small strip was disturbed and all sod placed back over the holes leaving barely any damage to my yard. I have recommended you to my neighbors and 1 person I work with is experiencing the same issues I had. I will be giving all the information so he can contact you.
Once again thank You.


Looking for Septic System Maintenance Information?

Visit our website that is built specifically for septic system maintenance


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